PDF To Foundry

A project for importing PDF content from Paizo for Pathfinder 2E into the Foundry Virtual Tabletop system

Version 4.1.2 Released

This is another bugfix release.

  • Fix token art database not working since 4.1.1.
  • Work around issue when other installed modules break the array prototype by adding methods to it
  • Fix issue with actors in PFS 2-04
  • Major refactor of code, including automated tests in FVTT (using playwright)

Sorry that this one took a long time to get out. I was in the middle of a big refactor that completely broke everything and it was challenging to pull it back. I'm on winter break from my day job so I had some time to finish that refactoring.

There are also so many corner cases with the token art code that it was challenging to even think about correctly. The bug-fix in 4.1.1 completely broke how it was supposed to work, even though it did technically fix the bug that was in 4.1.0. I added a bunch of automated tests to audit all of the cases so I'm pretty confident it should work correctly now.

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