PDF To Foundry

A project for importing PDF content from Paizo for Pathfinder 2E into the Foundry Virtual Tabletop system

Version 4.1.0 Released

note this post originally appeared on Discord

  • Update to v11 (mainly a manifest bump)
  • Fix issue with bad images from gamemastery guide import
  • Add PFS 3-12 and 3-13
  • Fix a few monsters in Bestiary 3 not importing correctly
  • Add an option to use art mapping from other modules if it exists, such as the PF2E token pack (defaults to this behavior)
  • Fix bug when the "Create Data Entry Actors" option was enabled
  • Fix version checking algorithm
  • Fix issue in Night of the Gray Death causing a map to not be imported
  • Super minor fix in Sundered Waves
  • Remove opt-in telemetry since there's paid modules now
  • Moved to github (https://github.com/fryguy1013/pdftofoundry)
  • Lots of minor technical debt fixes

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