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A project for importing PDF content from Paizo for Pathfinder 2E into the Foundry Virtual Tabletop system

Feature Voting

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For the month of February I plan on completing the new products that come out plus at least one more feature, and I'd like your feedback on which one to focus on. This isn't a guarantee that it will be completed for the next release, just that I will try to work on it.

High Quality Maps Workflow: In the most recent version I've added the ability to load the interactive maps/flip maps for a few scenarios. This would be a continuation of that feature so that it would do two things: update existing scenes that reference the lower-quality image files to use the higher-quality one, and when importing a lower-quality image checking whether or not a higher-quality one already exists and using that one instead. I likely won't be adding more flip mat/interactive map parsing until this is done.

Actor image linking: This feature would automatically link the token art for creatures as they are imported into the world if the art for the creature has been imported from a PDF previously. A follow-on to this would be adding importers for the bestiaries to get all of the creatures.

Scene token placement: This feature would allow placement of tokens in scenes where they are described in the PDF when it is imported. This overlaps a lot with the previous option, so they might be done together.

Better Organization: Currently all of the journals just get dropped into a flat list. This will add a mechanism to put them in folders as well as joining up the pages with sidebars that get separated but shouldn't be (for instance the "scaling encounter X" sidebars in the PFS scenarios).

Keep in mind that many of these features will require a pass through all of the scenarios to actually do their data entry which means it might go through a phased pass sort of like how there were yellow/green for the wall data. And likely I won't be able to get through all of the scenarios for this pass in a single month.

Results #

  • High Quality Maps Workflow: 5
  • Actor Image Linking: 15
  • Scene Token Placement: 3
  • Better Organization: 6
  • Other: 0

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